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Revitol Revitol

Revitol Facts

The Revitol Anti-Aging System is very simple to use. The package contains:

Anti-Wrinkle Complex, Anti Wrinkle Treatment Serum, and Moisturizing cream.  You put on the creams twice a day.  Simple and easy.

The creams consist of Argireline which is used to help relax facial tension, because when your facial muscles are tense, the more wrinkles you are going to have.

The purpose of Revitol isn't just to reduce the amount of wrinkles and make your face look younger, but it promotes healthy skin.

Another added perk of Revitol is that it stimulates the renewal of skin cells.

There is no prescription necessary.

Revitol was created in 2002 and is part of the National Products Association.

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